the homo sapiens foundation

  a religian life

having to be true

any real belief
there by becoming valid
having to be rooted in reality


any religion having to be
the valid decription
of cosmic reality
of creation


we can truly believe in
since this religion
being true

and no imagination
no opinion

some one having
come up with


we have to look at
cosmic reality

then cosmic religion

 being the scientific knowledge
that creation having been created
for the fulfillment of all homo sapiens
that the freedom for living an
intelligent life

in perfected wisdom
the only freedom being
that any human needs

to experience an eternal life
in endless fulfillment

at the same time
fulfilling our cosmic humanity

the vision of this perfected creation
fulfilling at the same time

since we are not the children of  " god "
but necessary partners
without this creation

will not his
fulfillment coming

now does any one see ?

that all of these religions
and much more

all these " unbelievers "

the greatest stupidity
  any human can think of ! ?

because it can never be
a world in a hundred years
making un inhabitable

for homo sapiens

having already been made uninhabitable

since every wisdom is guaranteed
to being brutally destroyed
since the beginning

of this un civilization
the whole quality

that they have no civilization at all
no quality what so ever


just their
destruction of every thing
and every one

so just ... that this satan
so this failure in perfection
all these survivors fail
in perfection

have no envy coming up
about their total failure

  because this creation
yes >> the only light
in all this darkness

the religian institute

the following I will not brag about it certainly not as arrogance write down but with the greatest regret just for the sake of reality which we absolutely need to make the right decisions because with wrong positions no correct final results at all may come about that is the case for example with legal instances

 who are talking about opinions as their judgments there fore imperative and wrong in principle must be only statements based on cosmic reality have validity this stupid swamp will pull everyone down in this stupid swamp where there is one stupid dog competeing with the other this world un inhabitable they make first for all those who having a spark of understanding
still owning

becoming then forever more stupid boundlessly desperate until it is only a straw to keep them above the water until they too go under they will everything only about no human rights wanting to guarantee everything only not to organize as homo sapiens they being

the only valid citizens and office holders everywhere in this universe

our cosmic community

should any one

be looking at this world
with a 20 20 vision
and the best of

then he will see
that there can be no saving
of any thing or any body
any where

because the whole thing
can never possibly be functioning

it being as simple as this !

since no one can be asking
for any thing what so ever

other the what be the right
decision not only for

all of this humanity
not only for this galaxy
not this whole universe

but for all of eternity
as well

so we have to decide
that democracy will never work
has never worked

even some greeks
the inventor of this catastrophe
did believe in

but we need logical
a scientific way of coming up with
a whole new way of thinking first
what will functioning for all ?

and this
can only be an argumentocracy
where every one has a voice
every one has a solution

the argumentocracy

and then we need a total civilized
and just society for all of humanity
and this can only be had

when we have
a cosmic religion
being binding for all
in this cosmos

having any one a better idea ?

the homo sapiens foundation

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